Henri Haché opened his blacksmith’s shop—nicknamed la forge à Henri [Henri’s smithy]—in Shippagan at the turn of the 20th century. Years later, Haché’s son Alexandre took over from him, and in 1960, opened a hardware store that stocked marine products for his fishermen customers.

In 1980, Terence Gauthier started a business buying and selling bait to meet the needs of Acadian Peninsula inshore and midshore fishermen. His sales territory quickly expanded to include all of Eastern New Brunswick and the Gaspé coast.

In 1990, Terence Gauthier took over the Haché smithy and hardware operations and immediately began focusing on expanding his machining and welding services for Chaleur Bay and Northumberland Strait fishermen. Like its other operations, Gauthier Marine saw its hardware services grow considerably. Even today, people are quick to recommend Gauthier’s because of its extensive offerings.